• it takes many actions to be a superhero

    A Marketing Automation Blueprint spells out each step of the communication process, from Awareness to Action to Nurturing to Decision.

  • the marketing automation blueprint

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    The idea of Marketing Automation might seem impersonal, but when done well, it's actually an effective way to truly personalize a prospect's experience with your company. From the first "touch" to an actual conversation with you or your sales team, marketing automation gives you the ability to specifically address the questions (and potential push-backs) your prospects have throughout the sales process.


    Your Marketing Automation Blueprint details each step of the communication process, from Awareness to Action to Nurturing to Decision.


    This Blueprint helps define a targeted and effective sales process, unique to your business and specific to the value you provide and the education you offer to your prospects. We call this your "sales engine."


    But like any engine, your sales engine won’t run without fuel. The fuel for your sales engine is content. Content that answers questions. Content that educates. Content that overcomes objections. Content that converts.


    Through the Marketing Automation Blueprint, you'll get at least 50 specific content topics (for blogs, videos, e-books, etc.) that will ensure your sales engine attracts leads when they are looking for answers to their questions and nurtures their interest to a point of qualified sales engagement.

  • other weapons in your superhero arsenal...

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    Messaging Deep Dive

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    Business Growth

    Game Plan

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    Marketing Automation Blueprint

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  • to succeed, your message has to be clear!

    The Incredible Hulk does one thing, and one thing really well: he smashes stuff.

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    The challenge with most businesses - and particularly their messaging - is they try to be everything to everyone. Instead of just "smashing things," which is what they do best, they also try to run faster than speeding bullets, swing from spider webs, and lasso the bad guys.
    Superheroes typically have ONE primary super power, and that's what they focus all their energy on. Otherwise, you wouldn't have the Fantastic Four, you'd have the Fantastic One - the invisible, super-stretchy, rock-bodied, fire-changing woman!
    But, that's not how it works. There's no doubt in your mind what Spider Man does or what super power belongs to the Human Torch!
    In order for your audience to know what you do, understand how your product or service will help them (save money, make money, save time, reduce stress, increase joy, etc.), and exactly what they need to do to get it, your message must be clear and concise.