• don't be "just another company"

    Your business is more than "just another company."

    You produce an amazing product or provide an excellent service. You have the super power to rescue your prospects from peril.
    Problem is: they don't know you exist.
    (And if they do, it's not clear what you do and how you can help them.)
    It's like you're Clark Kent, the world is in danger, and you can't leave the phone booth!

    A Guide Will Help Take You Where You Want to Go

    Like Professor X to the X-Men or Nick Fury to the Avengers, a mentor helps superheroes go from average to superhuman. He doesn't give them their super powers, but he helps them understand how to use those powers for good, he shows them "the path" to find what they are truly looking for, and he pushes them to the limit to reach their potential.


    Where do you want to go? I'd like to help get you there.

  • How It Works


    Schedule a Discovery Call

    Schedule a no-strings attached, 30-minute call that gives you a chance to ask some questions, and it allows us both an opportunity to get to know each other and see if there's a "fit."


    Decide if there's a good fit.

    We understand not everyone is a good fit for the SUPERHERO Arsenal sales and marketing program. After the Discovery Call, we'll both know if it's what you need to help your company grow.


    Pay AFTER your first session.

    The first step is the Messaging Deep Dive, a focused in-person session with you and your team that brings clarity to your message. If you're not happy with the session, you don't pay a dime.


    Celebrate Your Success!

    The whole reason for going through this process is to GROW YOUR BUSINESS and for you to be able to enjoy the benefits of that SUCCESS. We'll be celebrating that with you!

  • the superhero arsenal

    The SUPERHERO Arsenal is your customized collection of marketing and sales weapons that will help clarify your message, attract more customers, save them from their problems and grow your business. Learn more about the SUPERHERO Arsenal.


    Deep Dive

    Business Growth

    Game Plan



    Marketing Automation Blueprint

  • can you say these things?

    We know there are at least four things every business owner secretly wants to be able to claim about his or her business. However, we also know that very few actually CAN say them. Can you?

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