• To succeed, your message has to be clear!



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    The Incredible Hulk does one thing, and one thing really well: HE SMASHES STUFF!
    The challenge with most businesses - and particularly their messaging - is they try to be everything to everyone. Instead of just "smashing things," which is what they do best, they also try to run faster than speeding bullets, swing from spider webs, and lasso the bad guys.
    Superheroes typically have ONE primary super power, and that's what they focus all their energy on. Otherwise, you wouldn't have the Fantastic Four, you'd have the Fantastic One - the invisible, super-stretchy, rock-bodied, fire-changing woman!
    But, that's not how it works. There's no doubt in your mind what Spider Man does or what super power belongs to the Human Torch!
    In order for your audience to know what you do, understand how your product or service will help them, and exactly what they need to do to get it, your message must be clear and concise.
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