Why I - a Content Marketer - Stopped Producing and Sharing Content

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Why I - a Content Marketer - Stopped Producing and Sharing Content

So...this is awkward.

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I disappeared for the last month. And, you probably had no idea!!

When I say “disappeared,” I mean I stopped producing and sharing content...and I did it on purpose.

Here’s the quick back story:

Since 2009, I’ve been writing blogs, making videos, curating content, and more recently producing a digital magazine and a weekly video focused on helping manufacturers - and other small to midsize businesses - grow by clarifying their message and getting in front of the right people with that message.

“Am I making the best content in my space?”

That’s the question I asked myself. And I added, “If I stopped making content, would people miss it?”

I’m a huge fan of Joe Pulizzi, originator of the term “Content Marketing,” founder of Content Marketing Institute, author of several fantastic books, and a powerful speaker. In his books and speeches, he often addresses these very questions. He encourages marketers and content producers, in general, to ask themselves these questions - and then he pushes these points:

  • If you’re NOT producing the best content, why not? 
  • If no one would miss your content if it disappeared, why make the content in the first place?

This whole quarantine thing has given me some time to consider these questions.

So, I decided to find out what would happen.

Here’s what my content calendar looked like before:

  • Video - the primary - or “anchor” - piece of original content was a weekly video; this content lived on YouTube (recently switched to Vimeo) as well as the website/blog; I would also publish this natively to Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Email - send a weekly email every Thursday morning (sharing the latest video as well as some curated content from others and my own past blog/video posts; this format had morphed over time)
  • LinkedIn - shared a combination of original and curated content on both my personal and business pages; averaged 2-4 posts per day
  • Twitter - shared a combination of original and curated content on my personal account; averaged 3-4 posts per day
  • Facebook - shared a combination of original and curated content on my Facebook Business Page; averaged 2-3 posts per day

Since the last week of May, here’s what my content calendar looks like: NOTHING!

Seriously, I think I shared one post the first week of June on Facebook; otherwise zero, zip, zilch.

This was a test. And, I failed miserably.

But, I also learned a ton.

What I realized is that I was just “calling it in.” With all the wonderful tools for making content production and content curation more efficient, I stopped showing the passion I have for helping people. I was, in fact, making and sharing good content. But, it just became an item to check off my to-do list, instead of an opportunity to make someone’s life better, to add value, to truly help.

What I preach to my clients and help them implement in order to grow their business, I wasn’t doing myself.

So, what happens now?

I’m going back to the drawing board. I’m reevaluating the quality and type(s) of content I produce. I’m analyzing what content has resonated with my audience in the past and why. And, I’m digging back into the Messaging Deep Dive, Business Growth Game Plan, and Marketing Automation Blueprint that I developed for my own business - the same things I do for my clients!

As part of this process, I’d love your help.

If you’ve gotten down this far in the post, you’re already vested :) So, would you please share your answer to one single question?

  • When it comes to marketing your business, what is the thing you struggle with most?

I really want to hear from you. Message me. Call me (330-819-1528). Email me matt@youarethesuperhero.com.

Thank you. And please stay tuned!