7 Reasons Why Your Online Marketing Is Failing

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7 Reasons Why Your Online Marketing Is Failing

If you opened this page, it's likely because something's not working with your current online marketing - you're not getting enough website traffic; your engagement with the traffic you do have isn't effective (or maybe even non-existent); or your online marketing isn't driving bottom line sales.

In this video, I share seven reasons why your online marketing is failing.

Here are the seven reasons in summary...

  1. It’s all about you.
  2. You’re not talking to the right person.
  3. You’re not in the right place.
  4. There’s no reason for anyone to pay attention.
  5. You are only focused on selling.
  6. Your website sucks! (Here are 14 reasons why it does)
  7. You don’t have a call-to-action.
Watch the video, and then make the necessary changes.
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