Traditional Sales Is Like French Kissing A Total Stranger

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Traditional Sales Is Like French Kissing A Total Stranger

“Hello. I know we just met, but can we make out?”

This is basically what you’re saying to your prospects when you try to get them to buy your product without educating them as to WHY your product is the answer, or even IF your product will help solve their problem.

So, back to the conversation...

“Hello. I know we just met, but can we make out? No? Well, did I tell you I’m 5′ 7′′ and weigh 160 pounds? I was born in Martinsville, VA, and have two brothers. I went to Kent State University and studied advertising. I lived in Greenville, SC, for about four years and moved back to Ohio in 1999. Now, can we make out?”

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Seriously. If they didn’t bite right away (which I’m guessing they didn’t), this is the next thing you tell your prospects with your PowerPoint deck, your About Us page or maybe your Product Specifications page on your background; product features and benefits; photos of the machines that make your products.

Your audience doesn’t care about all that crap. (More on that here!)

Educating helps them understand.

Rather than pushing your products and services, consider producing content that will HELP your prospects.

  • Instead of asking for a kiss (to buy your product/service), try asking and answering some questions.
  • Instead of sharing all the details about your product, try sharing testimonials, or “third-party stories,” from others in their same situation who have benefited from your product.
  • Instead of detailing the company history, try telling the story of your company’s impact on the industry. (More on telling stories later, too!)

Valuable content helps your prospect make a connection. It helps them uncover the pain themselves. And it builds credibility for you and your organization.

Don’t force the French kiss on the first date!

Get to know your prospect a little more first.

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