The Trap of the Typical Sales Presentation

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The Trap of the Typical Sales Presentation

What does your sales presentation look like? What’s the first slide in your presentation deck? (Or maybe second or third, if you have an intro slide and agenda?) I bet I can’s a slide about YOU! Am I right? Come on, admit it. It’s okay - you’re not alone.

The traditional sales mindset tells us to do that - talk about your company, show some logos of clients you’ve worked with, share some accolades, etc. Then take the prospect through all the great things you offer - somewhat canned, but applicable. Then, before you get to the price slide - if you even include it - talk a little more about yourself and how your product or service is exactly what the prospect needs. Then share the price slide.

If you want to stand out, though, I suggest flipping this on its head! Literally. Put the last slide first - share the price and what you’re recommending; and then go from there. Your prospect won’t even know how to respond. In fact, if you REALLY did it right, you would have talked through the budget BEFORE you even got to the presentation, so they would know what to expect!

And, then, at the very end, if they would like to know more...share some of the details about your company. But only if they ask.

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