The 10-Second Website Test

Know if your site is "working" in just 10 seconds.
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The 10-Second Website Test

Want to know if you’re website is working? Curious if your message is coming across as you’d like it to? Wondering if your website design effectively drives someone to action?

Ask 10 people for just 10 seconds of their time.

You don’t need to pay massive consulting fees and hire a website design firm to find out if your site is effective. Just ask 10 people for 10 seconds of their time.

It'll look like this...

1. Choose 10 people whose opinion you value – personally and/or professionally.

2. Send them a simple email or text: “Hey, Bob. Can I steal 10 seconds of your time today? If so, please visit my website at {}, and take just 10 seconds to try and figure out right away what action we’d want YOU to take if you were a potential customer of ours. Shoot me back what you think it is. Thanks.”

3. Evaluate the answers/input you get back.

What do you do with this information?

There are two possibilities that come of this exercise: 1) everyone answers the same way, and it’s exactly what you hoped it would be; or 2) you get several different responses, and it’s obviously not clear what action should be taken.

If #1 is the result, congratulations! You’re in great shape.

If you get more than one clear answer, it’s time to take a look at your site to find out what’s going wrong. It may be something simple, like reworking the message to be more clear; or it may be more intensive, like redesigning your home page.

Consider a Website Audit Report

Our Website Audit Report will help you gain a solid understanding of what you’re doing right, and where you’re falling short. Get a free video review of your site and recommendations to "fix" what might need improvement.

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