An Acronym Every Salesperson or Marketer Should Know

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An Acronym Every Salesperson or Marketer Should Know

FUDWACA - Do You Know What It Means?

There are a ton of acronyms out there. In fact, I think marketers over do it with the acronyms most of the time - SEO, PPC, CRM, CMO, ABCDEFG! But, there's one acronym EVERY salesperson or marketer should know: FUDWACA.

F - Frustrated

U - Upset

D - Disappointed

W - Worried

A - Angry

C - Concerned

A - Anxious

These are all EMOTIONAL words.

They help you get to the deeper level issues facing your customers and prospects. It's not enough to say, "So, it sounds like you're not getting the customer service you need."

Instead, it should sound like this: "So, it sounds like your current customer service has you pretty upset." Or "I'm guessing you're pretty frustrated with the existing level of customer service you're receiving."

These seven words should come up often in your marketing and sales conversations.

Our 30-second commercial sounds something like this:

"We typically work with manufacturers and B2B owners who are frustrated because they know they could be helping more customers. We’ve developed a set of proven sales and marketing tools to help clarify your message, get that message in front of the right people, and ultimately grow your business"

We could say: "At SUPERHERO Messaging, Marketing & Sales, we help Improve your marketing so you can grow your business." But, those are just features/benefits.


FUDWACA! Remember this acronym. Try it next time you're in a sales conversation or you're writing content for your website.

Let me know how it goes.

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